Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Saudi Emergency Medicine Society, it is with great honor we welcome you to The 4th Scientific Assembly Meeting of the Saudi Emergency Medicine Society  (SASEM2019) held in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia  from 4th February to 6th  February 2019.


Dr. Ahmed M. Wazan

President, Saudi Emergency Medicine Society

Welcome Note

Dear Friends

Welcome to SASEM 2019 Jeddah!! This is the 4th scientific assembly of its kind being held under the Saudi Society of Emergency Medicine. This year we are celebrating the many faces of the Emergency Medicine. In our practice, we face many trials and challenges on a daily basis; To deal with them, we are forced to broaden our skills, to learn new methods and new ways of resolving conflicts, and attaining our goals. Because of that, the adaptability of the Emergency Practitioners is ever evolving. We are the intensivists, the traumatologists, the disaster masters, constant and unwavering. We are the pediatricians, the educators, and the researchers. We are ethicists, the toxicologists, and the policy makers. We are the ones who are always there to take care of you. In short, we are the Emergency Physicians, and this year we are here to show you… This is US!

Dr. Jameel Abualenain

Chairman, SASEM2019

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

SASEM 2019 is an international event that will bring together over 70 different expert speakers, of international, regional, and local standing. They will gather to present for you exciting topics in critical care, traumatology, toxicology, pediatric emergency, ethics, general emergency, resuscitation, and emergency nursing. SASEM 2019 also includes over 12 workshops being offered during the preconference days prior to the commencement of the event. It is that time of the year, were we renew our friendships, revisit old friends, make new friends, and celebrate our specialty. Emergency Medicine in Saudi Arabia has come a long way in a record time. This is of course due to the tireless efforts of our mentors and teachers, to whom we owe our profession, and now we are here to show them… This is US.

Dr. Anas Hamam

Chairman Scientific Committee, SASEM2019

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Venue: Ritz Carlton Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah pairs palatial surroundings with luxury hotel amenities. Accommodations feature traditional design and Red Sea views, while dining captures both Saudi Arabian and international flavors. The spa offers locally inspired treatments, and event space includes two opulent ballrooms, the largest of which can host up to 1,000 guests.


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